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6 books that will get you arrested

6 Books that will get you Arrested

6 books that will get you arrested

Banned Books Week celebrations are being held all around the country this week in celebration of the freedom of people to be able to read whatever they want, whenever they want.

Sadly not everyone in the world is allowed such freedoms. So lets take a look at some examples of books that will get you arrested simply for owning them.

The Bible: The country of Maldives arrested and deported a teacher from India in 2011 for a bible and a rosary found in his house after it was raided. He was accused of preaching Christianity in the Islamic country which forbids those very actions.

Bibles are also illegal to own in North Korea, so if you are planning a trip to sunny Pyongyang, perhaps it would be best to leave your Bible at home, lest you end up in one of their notorious Prison Camps where people are locked up for such crimes as not having a picture of Kim Il-Sung on display in their houses, and not being sad enough at appropriate times.

Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard: Another religious text that will land you in hot water, Dianetics has been classified by Russian Authorities as a banned extremist literature.  So next time Tom Cruise is in Moscow, he runs the risk of being thrown in jail if he hands out copies of his religious text to his fans.

Anarchist Cookbook: The Anarchist Cookbook was released all the way back in 1971, but the impact of the book lasts to this very day. In 2007 a 17 year old British boy was arrested for possession of owning a copy of the book which he used to research smoke bombs and fireworks.

arrested for lost girlsLost Girls, by Alan Moore: Alan Moore’s famous Graphic Novel puts together the characters of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan’s Wendy. While this sounds like a great premise for a children book, it gets a little ‘interesting ‘ from here on in. The 3 meet by chance at a mountain resort in Austria and, as any famous children’s characters are want to do when they meet each other, they proceed to share with each other stories of their erotic adventures.

While it is long out of print, most stores in the United States and Canada flat out refuse to stock it for fear of being charged for selling obscene pornography. The UK goes one step further in describing it as potential child pornography, as some of the character exploits occurred when they were under the age of 18.

On a slightly different note:

arrested for twilightTwilight: A Woman was arrested in New Mexico for not returning her copy of Twilight and two Twilight DVD’s to her local library on time. Police came to her home and arrested her in front of her five children over the $35.98 worth of overdue fines.

Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James: A UK man was arrested for spraying his girlfriend with hot sauce when she wouldn’t stop reading her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, which as many of you may know started out as a Twilight Fan fiction. This just goes to further demonstrate the real and present danger of anything and everything to do with Twilight.

compare book prices old books

The Benefits of Book Shopping Online

compare book prices old books

Shopping online for books is by far and away the best way to the discerning consumer to purchase their books. The ability to be able to quickly compare book prices, to shop around multiple stores to find the best price, and to be able to choose from a massive range of books in any genre or any category be it fiction and non-fiction or textbook is changing the way people all around the world buy and consume.

Obviously comparing book prices quickly and easily is something that we think is a major advantage to the online world book purchasing, but there are many other advantages as well just simply the ability to find the cheapest prices. The ability to be able to purchase an e-book and have it be instantly delivered is something that even the most diehard hardcover and paper book lover must admit is simply wonderful. Instant access to the entire library of your favourite authors and genres is not something that can be easily sniffed at or dismissed, nor can the ability to be able to carry around hundreds and even thousands of books in your pocket on your e-reader or phone.

This time you will save by shopping for all your books online is also something to take into consideration. How many of us have spent hour upon hour going from bookstore to bookstore all around city looking for a certain book in particular. And while the physical ambulance of your local new and used bookstores is something that can never really be matched shopping for books online, the ability to be able to view several bookstores entire inventory at a Glance saves you hours of precious time that can be spent reading.

So while online book shopping will always be cheaper, and of the search for your most sought-after books will never be quicker there is one factor that you always have to take into consideration when buying physical books online, and that is the delivery time. Someone book pricing comparison agents take the prices from book stores all around the world including in countries sometimes on the other side of the earth, and in doing so may not take into consideration the amount of time that it will take to physically deliver the book from their door to yours. If you are a student for example you have to be particularly careful when shopping to textbooks online, as some students have told horror stories of buying incredibly cheap textbooks only to have them not turn up until the end of the semester.

overdue library books

How Overdue are your Library books?


overdue library books university professor at the Queen’s University of Belfast has escaped a fine of more than £8,500 after finding that he had still in his possession a book that he borrowed from a library 47 years ago.

Emeritus Prof John Foster from the university’s Institute of Irish studies recently found in his possession a book by Victorian poet Arthur Hugh Clough, after returning to Vancouver to clean out the locker he used when he had worked at the University of British Columbia a span of years. Upon discovery of the book in his locker the open it up to find the due date stamp reading 11th of October 1966, whereupon presumably his pants darkened in a most unprofessorally like manner.

The university said that it was more than happy simply to be getting the book back so it would not be charging the Prof to fork out the £8,577.50 overdue fine.

While this is seemingly an extraordinarily long time for a book to be overdue, this doesn’t come close to the record unsurprisingly in the convict colony of Australia. A School of arts library lent out a first edition Insectivorous Plants by Charles Darwin in 1889, only to have it returned mildly late in 2011, a full 122 years late. Again, in a show of literary lovers companionship the late fee was indeed waved.

read a book online

Apple Ordered to Rework all ebook Contracts

read a book onlineFinally some good news for e-book consumers, a judge handed down an order to Apple to modify its current contracts with its publishers in a move to prevent price-fixing of e-book and all electronic materials. The judge has appointed an external monitor to review all of Apple’s anti-trust internal policy’s and training.
Apple spokesperson maintained that Apple never conspired to fix the prices of e-book. The company spokesperson was quoted as saying “The iBookstore gave customers more choice and injected much needed innovation and competition into the market. Apple will pursue an appeal of the injunction.”
The judge had sat on two previous hearings on the matter and has repeatedly expressed to her dismay with the technology giants conduct. US district Judge Denise Cote said that she thought that the company was actively colluding with publishers to raise book prices and keep them at an artificially high price. She told the lawyers that she found that Apple had “demonstrated a blatant and aggressive disregard”for the law, and that she hoped that her findings would help Apple to show remorse at the very least in the face of future litigation.
Apple maintained that its entrance into the digital book market could only increase the potential customer base for digital and e-book’s, and that it was in fact doing consumers favour by removing Amazons complete and utter dominance and monopoly of the market.
Even in the face of Apple’s complete and utter reluctance to admit any wrongdoing on their part the judge demanded that rules be set to prevent the existing cooperation between the book publishers and Apple that mate hurt future marketplace rivals and competitors in the future. Apple is now no longer allowed to enter any agreements with the publishers that it has colluded with that may restrict Apple’s ability to lower the retail price will discounts on the books.
An independent auditor has been appointed to monitor apples anti-trust policies and procedures for a period of two years.
One can only hope that Apple learns from this case and actively tries to better its harmful consumer policies, rather than try to find more legal loopholes which seem to be the company’s bread-and-butter.

textbook price inflation

College Textbook Price Inflation 102% since 2001

textbook price inflation


For those of us who feel like the price of College Textbooks only ever goes in one direction, have posted a chart showing that the price of college textbooks has more than doubled since 2001, while the price of other books has gone down.

The above chart shows that textbook prices rose an astronomical 102% since December 2001, while fictional and other recreational types of books fell 1.5%, during which time the consumer price index, which measures the price of all goods and services rose 32%.

While textbooks for university and college classes remain among the most time consuming to  create from start to finish, it does raise the question of how certain publishers manage to justify rises of this magnitude. Especially considering the fact that advances in technology have opened up new mediums and therefore new sources of revenue as well as cheaper publishing options.

Hopefully, sites like this one can open up more avenues to keep education cheap and make it more accessible that it is currently becoming.