dont take rented textbooks across state lines

Amazon says don’t take your Rented Textbooks Across State Lines.

dont take rented textbooks across state linesMore and more students are saving money on their college textbooks by renting them out for the semester rather than buying them outright, but many college students may not realise that if they are renting their textbooks from Amazon then they face heavy fines if they take their rented textbooks over state lines.

Amazons textbook rental service contains fine print that allows them to bill your credit card for the full price of the book if they suspect that you have crossed over state lines. The terms and conditions of the Amazon textbook rental subsidiary contain a condition that the rented textbook must not be taken out of the state from which it was originally rented. As stated on their Textbook Rental Terms and Conditions page:

You may not move the textbook out of the state to which it was originally shipped. If you wish to move the textbook out of that state, you must first purchase the textbook. You can purchase the textbook by going to Your Textbook Rentals to view your rental library. Select the textbook you wish to purchase and then proceed through the checkout process. You may also contact us to purchase the textbook. When you purchase the textbook, we will charge you the buyout price of the textbook, and the textbook will be yours to keep.

If Amazon suspect that a student has violated these rules and taken a trip with their rented textbook, they will use their discretion and charge the remaining amount of money from the textbooks original price to the assigned credit card.


It is thought that this is an attempt by the company to fight certain state governments sales taxes. If the book is being rented to a person who is located in a state where Amazon is not officially doing business, then an argument could be made by the state that they actually are doing business in the state and as such must pay the states sales tax.

Whatever the reason, if you are renting your textbooks this semester be careful taking your textbook across state lines, even if you are just going back home for a weekend study session, it could end up costing you a whole lot more than you may have bargained for.