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5 Things That Won’t Happen buying books Online

buying books OnlineBuying books online has so many advantages over buying books from your local bookstore, that as much as I love my local, where everybody knows my name, I still find myself going there less and less, and buying more and more of my new books online. I do realise that there is also a huge used book market on various sites online, but my love for second hand book shops has been documented before  far outweighs my love of saving money, but hey, that’s just me. So today, I will focus on the benefits of buying new books online over at your local Barnes & Noble.


Will Always find what you are looking For

There is no worse feeling in the world than getting all excited about the release of a new book from your favourite author, only to get to the book store and find out that either they are all sold out, or they won’t even be getting the stock in for a few weeks more.

I was living in a large rural town with a population of around 50 thousand when A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin was released. Despite being told that it would be there day one, I was told by the sullen lady behind the counter that there had been distribution problems and that I had to wait another week for them to get it in. One week later I was told that I had to wait for the end of the month. Roughly 6 weeks after release, and despite my best efforts to ignore the jackhole online trolls who were utterly determined to spoil the ending for whatever reason, I got my hands on the book for the princely sum of $45. There were many words uttered by me at this time, most of which are not printable, but primarily based around the theme of “Never Again”.


Won’t find it cheaper tomorrow

Using the Book Price Comparison agent on the front page of this website will ensure that, not only will you find the best price locally, but the best price from stores all over the country


You Won’t Get Gouged

My time in rural areas has taught me a lot of respect for people that live out there. Not only from the weather and element hardships that they endure, but the rampant price gouging that occurs because

A: The retailers can get away with it, and

B: The consumers have no choice in the matter.

The ability to compare book prices online and get them shipped to your door by the end of the week is great for the communities that need the education the most.


You won’t be attacked by homeless people on the way in

Something about bookstores seems to attract homeless people like a smelly bee to a flower. But a homeless man’s dirty penis isn’t even the worst thing that you will see at your local book chain, which leads us directly to our next point….


Won’t be attacked by Starbucks Once you are inside

Something major happened when I wasn’t looking. Somehow Starbucks not only managed to fool people into thinking their coffee and other diabetic coma inducing beverages taste good, but they are somehow a trendy, intellectual type of product to be read in bookstores around the world. What!?

They want us to believe that authors and “other book reading types” everywhere drink their coffees, when we know for a fact that anyone with tastebuds realises that their coffee tastes remarkably similar to dirt and anyone with an ounce of intelligence realizes that a company that uses bug extracts in their products and then lies about it, avoids tax to the point of not paying it at all, and treats their employees all over the world systematically like dirt is not one to be trusted, let alone encouraged.

But then, maybe this is all just because I just really hate their coffee.

Book Price Comparisons

Book price comparisons are a great way to save money when buying your new or used textbooks. Obviously we here at highly recommend you use our very own Book Price Comparison Tool located on our home page.

This tool gives you the power to compare book prices from hundreds of various book vendors from all over the world. All you need to do is to enter the author, isbn, or name of the book and hit search.

The amount of money you can save by taking the time and doing some quick book price comparisons is not small at all. One quick check of my local book store has the price for “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” at the cheapest price I have ever seen a physical book store sell it for at $16. That’s not so bad I hear you say, no it’s not, I reply, but one quick look below shows you that you can get a high quality used copy for a quarter of that price, and a brand spanking new copy for $6.

Lets have a quick look as some example book price comparisons to see just how much you can actually save when you take the time to do some price comparisons.

Lets try out with one of the most popular books of the last few decades, Harry Potter. There are a few hundred million copies floating around, so it should be fairly easy to find a good deal.

SImply Type in the term you are searching for, in our case, Harry Potter

Book Price Comparisons

Then a list of available titles with the search term in it will come up. Pick one of these to do a price comparison for a particular book.

Compare Book Price Comparisons

We clicked on Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, lets see how cheap we can get it.

compare book prices 3


Just under $6 from an ebay site, $7 from Amazon, and $12.45 from There is also one eBook listed for just under $9, but if you want to search just eBooks, try out our eBook Price Comparisons Tool.

We also have a comparison tool optimised for mobile phones as well as an Android app. Lets

take a quick look at that.

Go to or look us up on the Google Play Store.
Mobile Book Price Comparisons

If all has gone to plan, then it should look something like the above screen shot. From, just as in the desktop version you simply need type in your search query.

mobile Book Price Comparisons

With Harry Potter again as an example, we hit search now and as you can see it shows us a number of options for this keyword, and then a selection of prices.

Mobile Book Price Comparisons

Buying Books Online and the One Thing it Lacks

Book lovers all over the world will know that there are few better feelings than buying books online or in local bookshops, then opening up that glorious brand new book that you now own. The feeling of a book spine in perfect condition, the crisp untarnished pages, and the smell, oh lord I love the smell of a new book.

I will be perfectly honest, that while I do love all the benefits of buying books online such as the ability to compare book prices (if you somehow missed it, check out our homepage for just this ability) and find absolutely great bargains, the one thing that I miss from going out book hunting in various new and used book shops is the ability to smell the book before you buy it.

Buying Books OnlineSo by now most people will have either closed the page and moved on, the ones that remain are the ones that said to themselves “I know that feeling well”. Quite often I will get many a strange look when I crack open a new book and stick my nose in it. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes the bouquet so olfactorily attractive, the ink, the new paper, maybe it is the glue used to bind it all together that it attacking my brain and getting me high, but whatever it is, it works a charm. I have a numerous amount of books that I purchased simply because they smelled glorious. There is a company online who has tried to replicate this smell and put it in an aerosol can. offers New Book Smell in a can to really liven up your eBook collection.

Sexy BOoksThe charm of the used book store must not be understated either. Buying books online will be cheaper and have a better range, but the joy of sifting through a giant pile of discounted books piled up in the corner of a small shop tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town must not be discounted either. Often times you will find a book with some glorious history, signed by the author or the authors grandson or some such nonsense that were you to buy it online, you would pay an extra premium for the privilege. I once found a book in which the previous owner had used the blank pages at the beginning and end of the book to jot down their favorite quotes and pages in the book, as well as listed a number of other books which they thought were similar. I had a great time tracking all these books down and reading each and every one. TO that nameless person I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was introduced to a number of great authors whom I never would have otherwise simple buying my books online.

So by all means buy the bulk of your books online, you will save plenty of money this way, but don’t forget your local booksellers of both new and used books.