Compare Book Prices Australia

Comparing book prices in Australia. Living in the great land down under can be hard on many things, most of all your wallet. Whilst it is true that Australia enjoys one of the highest minimum wages in the world, it also enjoys some of the highest food and housing costs in the world as well. Books are considered by many to be a luxury item, (I personally need them just as much as food and water) so any way you can save some money on a luxury item cant be bad.

And dogs, Cows, trees and Dogs… and Horses.

I lived in Australia for 3 years, and one of the things that shocked me the most was the price of steak and books in a country that is filled with cows and trees. Both steak and books are significantly more expensive over there, be it for reasons of increased distribution costs, or because it is a smaller market (only 22 million people live in Australia compare to 310 million here in the US) but whatever the reason, Australians seem to get hosed on prices more often than not.

I have done a little preliminary research using an Australian proxy, if we shop around a little and compare book prices Australia can get a pretty decent deal. I started by doing a search of the most common book sellers in oz for the relativley new book, Run, Alex Cross by James Patterson released in Febuary 2013.

Angus and Robinson, one of the most famous brick and mortar book stores in Australia have it listed for $23 with free delivery.

compare book prices oz aag have it listed for $23, also with the promise of free delivery.

compare book prices australia
A quick search using our very own book price comparison tool shows the lowest prices coming in at around $15 for an eBook version and $16 for a new hard copy from an Ebay seller. A quick look at the sellers and adding postage costs of $4, this comes up to a total of $20 for a new hard copy of a brand new book.

Even the famously wonderful has it listed at $25 for a copy today, though if you are willing to wait the 140 days for the paperback release, you can get it at for around $9.

Funnily enough, the search results from our very own search engine show up an audio book copy of Run, Alex Cross for just $14.69 from with free delivery, even to exotic Australia. During my time in Australia I can tell you that this is by far the cheapest audio book many Australians will have ever seen.

All prices listed accurate at date of research on 2013/02/03.