The Importance of Reading To Children

5 Reasons you should read to your child

compare book pricesWe all want our children to grow up and be successful, happy, fulfilled adults. Intelligence is probably towards the top of most parents list’s of skills and traits that they wish to cultivate in their kids. We spend thousands of dollars on schools, books, and supplies trying to give our children the best possible start in life, but quite often, the best single thing that you can do is to instil a love of reading in your children.

1.Children that are exposed to reading at an early age have a higher success rate in school.

Study [1] after study [2] has shown have shown that kids that are exposed to reading early on in their life are more likely to do well in all facets of education.

Reading is one of the most valuable skills developed during early childhood.[2]

It really is just pure common sense. If your child has to make a larger effort to recognise or understand words, then they will have to work so much harder to grasp the concepts that the teacher is trying to teach them.

2. It improves communication skills.

children readingWhen you spend time reading with your toddlers, they are much more prone to expressing themselves around others in socially acceptable ways. Many parents know the dread of the first time they introduce their children to other kids around their age. When toddlers see and understand the social interactions between characters in their books, they gain important communication skills.


3. Improves Logical Thinking and Speech Skills

When you read to your child, they learns important language and pronunciations skills,by listening to you speak. This is also the beginning of their association of words with sounds.

As soon as you child begins to associate the concepts that are happening in the book to what happens in their own life, they start to for important conceptual and abstract thinking skills.

4. The Understanding that reading is good.

reading is goodEarly reading to your kids will see books as a pleasure, not a chore, and they will be much more inclined to indulge in reading as a hobby as they grow older.

5.Your Children form a stronger bond with you!

Just personally, some of my fondest memories are of me and my kids all sitting together on the couch and just reading a book together. Then afterwards sitting and chatting about what happened in the book and how it relates to our lives.

Even after they all got older and we became to big to cuddle up together on one seat, often times on the weekends or holidays we all still sit together in a room and read books together. It warms my heart that a few years from now, my kids will be reading to their own kids and that is something that I directly influenced.

the importance of early reading

One last piece of advice that was passed on to me by my first child’s teacher. Try not to stress and spend too much time worrying about WHAT your child is reading, simply encourage the fact that that they are.




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