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4 tips to Learn How to be a Reader

Compare Book PricesTalking to a teacher friend recently, it shocked me to learn that not all children grow up reading books. Be it for social or economical reasons, many people don’t grow up reading books, and, as a result, when they  first start to try and read books later on in life they generally find it hard to concentrate and sit still long enough to focus on the words on the page. One could perhaps blame it on television and the Internet, where we get constant streams of easily digestible information at our very fingertips.

Most people don’t realise it but reading is a skill, and it is a skill that many people find that they either need, or wish to acquire as life goes on. But fear not, with time, you can learn to be a reader.

First of all, don’t try and force the matter. If you sit down with War and Peace and try and force yourself to read it, you will end up with a very strong urge to rip the book into pieces and burn the remains. The most important step is always

Compare Free Audio Book SitesFind Something that Appeals to YOU!

Even people who regularly read a book a day will have trouble finishing a book that they don’t find interesting or that doesn’t appeal to them in any way. Find something you like, in a genre that you find interesting and go from there. If you like science fiction movies, try a science fiction book such as Dune or Enders Game. If you enjoy comedies, try out someone easy and hilarious like Ben Elton. One caveat, if you liked the Lord of the Rings movies, for god sakes don’t try and read the Lord of the Rings books. Pick up someone easier first like David Gemmell, or Raymond E Feist. Even experienced readers cant always manage to get through the Lord of the Rings books, myself included. They did indeed create the Fantasy genre as we know it today but my goodness they can be ever so dense.

Start with short stories. Find a book of short stories and put it next to your bed or the toilet and read a story when the time arises. This helps greatly with the next point.

Start to form reading habits. If you add a small amount of reading time to your schedule and force yourself to stick to it for a couple of weeks you will find that after a time, you will actively desire to read, even if it is just on the toilet or for 5 minutes before you fall asleep.Many people find reading to be a great way to wind down after along day and help them to fall asleep.

Always keep in mind the most important thing when starting to form reading habits is, Don’t Think of it as a Chore. You will get no pleasure from the task and learn to hate it. Start slow and build up. Even start with listening to audio-books in the car or on the train on the way to work. Many people may find that if they enjoy a particular authors audio books  they often times find it that much easier to start reading their physical books.