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6 books that will get you arrested

6 Books that will get you Arrested

6 books that will get you arrested

Banned Books Week celebrations are being held all around the country this week in celebration of the freedom of people to be able to read whatever they want, whenever they want.

Sadly not everyone in the world is allowed such freedoms. So lets take a look at some examples of books that will get you arrested simply for owning them.

The Bible: The country of Maldives arrested and deported a teacher from India in 2011 for a bible and a rosary found in his house after it was raided. He was accused of preaching Christianity in the Islamic country which forbids those very actions.

Bibles are also illegal to own in North Korea, so if you are planning a trip to sunny Pyongyang, perhaps it would be best to leave your Bible at home, lest you end up in one of their notorious Prison Camps where people are locked up for such crimes as not having a picture of Kim Il-Sung on display in their houses, and not being sad enough at appropriate times.

Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard: Another religious text that will land you in hot water, Dianetics has been classified by Russian Authorities as a banned extremist literature.  So next time Tom Cruise is in Moscow, he runs the risk of being thrown in jail if he hands out copies of his religious text to his fans.

Anarchist Cookbook: The Anarchist Cookbook was released all the way back in 1971, but the impact of the book lasts to this very day. In 2007 a 17 year old British boy was arrested for possession of owning a copy of the book which he used to research smoke bombs and fireworks.

arrested for lost girlsLost Girls, by Alan Moore: Alan Moore’s famous Graphic Novel puts together the characters of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan’s Wendy. While this sounds like a great premise for a children book, it gets a little ‘interesting ‘ from here on in. The 3 meet by chance at a mountain resort in Austria and, as any famous children’s characters are want to do when they meet each other, they proceed to share with each other stories of their erotic adventures.

While it is long out of print, most stores in the United States and Canada flat out refuse to stock it for fear of being charged for selling obscene pornography. The UK goes one step further in describing it as potential child pornography, as some of the character exploits occurred when they were under the age of 18.

On a slightly different note:

arrested for twilightTwilight: A Woman was arrested in New Mexico for not returning her copy of Twilight and two Twilight DVD’s to her local library on time. Police came to her home and arrested her in front of her five children over the $35.98 worth of overdue fines.

Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James: A UK man was arrested for spraying his girlfriend with hot sauce when she wouldn’t stop reading her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, which as many of you may know started out as a Twilight Fan fiction. This just goes to further demonstrate the real and present danger of anything and everything to do with Twilight.