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Library of Paris

Free Textbooks? Yes Please!

Library of ParisCollege education has never been more expensive so when a company comes along with the aim of changing the status quo and providing free textbooks to students all around the country than people are bound to sit up and take notice. That’s just what non-profit Openstax College is promising to do. Openstax has one goal to provide low-cost textbooks to as many students as possible.

Openstax offers free textbooks to students whose faculties allow their courses to participate in. These textbooks are developed and peer reviewed by the very educators who will be using them and thusly are guaranteed to meet the scope and requirements of the course. Since 2012 they have been producing open source textbooks under creative Commons licence and have helped over one half million students around the country, and have an aim to help a further 40,000 students save around $3.7 million on textbooks this year alone.

The College accepts content in any form and follows the traditional path of peer reviewing content, but follows the very non-traditional path of licensing the books under the creative Commons licence so that teachers and lecturers can redistribute these materials to their students for free.

Free digital textbooks with no expiration date that are be accepted in more and more universities around the country, this is a great initiative and one that we should all get behind as education should be cheaper not more expensive.