Why Books are Important

Books are ImportantIt seems so small to simply say that books are important. They are, but then thay are so much more than that. They are the very lifeblood of civilization, the safe-guarder of knowledge, the Chuck Norris ultimate work out gym for the mind. But sadly not everybody recognises this. There is a depressing trend in our society of increasing anti-intellectualism. As a result people who read books are seen as the minority, the odd ones out. We here at CompareBookPrices.org love books like no other and we would like to take a moment to try and convey love of literature to you, our lovely humble readers.

1. Reading Crafted Western Civilization as We Know it.

gutenberg printing pressThe creation of the first widely used printing press is credited to Johannes Gutenburg, and is widely considered to be the single most important event in the history of the modern age. It sparked the Renaissance, the scientific revolution and began what is known as The Age of Enlightenment.

Everyone takes the ability to read for granted these days, but before the invention of mass communication in 1450, reading was solely the realm of the rich nobility and members of the clergy. Gutenberg’s machine finally delivered literature to the regular people in a reliable, efficient and dependable way, without priests or Nobel’s self aggrandising interfering.

What’s more, the Gutenberg press allowed scientist to be able to easily and quickly share their discoveries with the rest of the scholarly world. What’s more, within 50 years the entire classical catalogue was reprinted and shared throughout the entirety of Europe. With the widespread introduction of knowledge came widespread discussion of knowledge.

2. Books Make You Smarter

It seems silly to have to point this out but the simple fact is that reading books makes you smarter. Not only in that you are constantly exposing yourself to new ideas and knowledge, but the simple act of reading a book actually actively increases your ability to concentrate and focus, your ability to remember things, your vocabulary,

There are also studies that show that simple things such as crossword puzzles help stimulate the mind and has the potential to ward of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Compare Book Prices3. Early Reading Increases Your Children’s Potential in Life.

There is an enormous amount of proof that exposing your child to reading early on in their life greatly increases their ability to do well in school and then again later on in life.

It just makes common sense, if they spend less time learning the basics in school, they have more time to learn and absorb more complex concepts during their school time.

4. Is a fantastic Hobby.

No one who reads is never bored. All you need is a good book and a nice spot to sit, and you are set. Few hobbies have the potential to be able transport you to any other place on earth, or other periods in time.

It also gives you plenty of insights into other cultures and ethnicities. it expands your horizons like nothing else, and as a wonderful side result, is known to reduce stress levels up to 68%.

What’s more, with the increasing popularity of Kindles and eReaders, it is now so ridiculously easy to carry around hundreds of book in one single pocket. Even the most voracious of readers is set for a good few months with a hundred books in their pocket.

readers make leaders5. Readers Make Leaders.

There is a quote from Harry Truman that rings as true today as it did when he said it.

“Not every reader is a leader, but every leader must be a reader.”

The 2 most influential men of the last generation are both huge readers.Steve jobs was said to have had in inexhaustible thirst for knowledge, and Bill Gates has such a love of book that he has  a huge personal library right in his house.

It is also worth noting that Nobel Laureate Winston Churchill won his Nobel Prize in literature.

Reading increases intelligence and leads directly to better potential for insight and inspiration, so why wouldn’t you read.